Design Services

My role as a designer is to translate your challenges into effortless working solutions. With the right design your company will get more credibility, more traffic, more downloads, and ultimately, more paying customers. Whether it’s a logo for an upcoming product, a simple single-purpose site, or a full site with CMS, let me take care of it, fully customized, within your budget, on the necessary timeline.

Logo Design

Logo Design is a rigorous process that starts with interviewing the stakeholders and drawing out their values and testing various permutations before settling on the right color scheme, tone and usability.

Great logos can be seen and recognized at various sizes and distances, and may also have to be adaptable across various devices and platforms.

Site Design

For the vast majority of businesses and individuals out there, websites (including mobile websites) are still king. Websites can quickly and simply help fans and visitors learn more about your latest products and projects in seconds. Furthermore, a modern website will work on pretty much every device and platform out there.

I’d like to talk a little about the web design collaboration process. I usually like to meet with stakeholders, to get a rough sketch of the main functions of the site–which are most important and which are ‘gotta haves’ but less prominent. We then organize functions into logical groupings, generally leading to menus and submenus.This is the first stage of site design.

The next stage is to use this very basic hierarchy to layout a wireframe. Again, we refer to the hierarchy of information to layout information on the page. Most important content (to the visitor, and to the site owner) at the top, with less important necessary content featured less prominently.

We then start to apply some key colors from their brand identity.

Once colors are in place, we can finally apply some of the typefaces and get some great content to make their products and services shine.

App Design

App Design is a very interesting field because the environment (iOS or Android) in which your app will be used is constantly changing. In many ways Google and Apple, respectively, control the direction of app design.

Apps should look cohenrent and consistent in their native environments, so every time there's an OS update, UI designers take a second look at their apps, and try to take advantage of some new OS features/APIs to make their apps not only more beautiful, but even more functional.

If your app is even a year out of date, it might already be an eyesore, and need a fresh coat of paint.